Why JavaScript is Like No Other Language: An Inside Look at its Weirdest Features

Variable Hoisting, Type Coercion i.e.Implicit Type conversion, Mutable Global variables, Automatic Semicolon Insertion, Arrays, Min and Max Comparison,


Learn Promises in Typescript

Promise() constructor, then and catch, async and await, then-catch vs async-await, Execute Promises Sequentially and Parallelly, Promise.all


Multiple Development Environments in React (CRA)

Environment Variables in React, Benefits of Environment Variables, Create Custom Environment Variables In .env, Custom Build Scripts for Other Environments.


VS Code Extension I Use Everyday in 2023

Visual Studio Code is my editor for building web applications in React. I use a bunch of VS Code extensions to increase productivity, increase code readability, debug errors, writing better logging messages.


A Complete guide to setup ESLint and Prettier for a React project with Typescript

Setup ESLint and Prettier for a React project with Typescript along with VS Code and GitHub actions integration.